“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important
as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Henry David Thoreau

 One of Andrea Petsche’s great passions is advocating for children’s well-being and learning.

She started as an Assistant Teacher bandaging skinned knees, helping kids learn how to share shovels, clean paint jars and eventually worked her way up in the education field to directing early education programs in Phoenix, Los Angeles and now San Diego.

Andrea had the privilege to pour her efforts, continue developing, advancing, growing and operating an admired and highly sought early education program; Bel Air Presbyterian Preschool in Los Angeles serving as it’s Executive Director for over a decade. Currently, Andrea serves in another historic and admired program with a rich history. For over thirty years Peñasquitos Christian Preschool has served students and families in the Rancho de los Peñasquitos community in the lush land of North County San Diego. Andrea is honored to be the Director of this fine school.


Leadership and Education

In the 4 programs Andrea’s worked for and led in the past 18 years she has supported, played with, counseled, hugged and wiped the tears of hundreds of children over her professional career.

Andrea’s tenure as a leader in Early Childhood Education has brought vision, strategic growth and initiatives to programs under her direction. Her accomplishments are many and include bringing developmentally appropriate curriculum practices, multiple facility moves, the implementation of early learning standards/assessment and measurement tools, phonetics, math, technology, writing and enrichment programs, infant/toddler programs, the highly valued NAEYC Accreditation, as well as continual growth and fundraising for development and advancement success.

Andrea had the unique privilege of serving as a member of the MECA (Mulholland Educational Corridor Association) Board with other Administrators and Head of Schools in Los Angeles such as; American Jewish University, Berkeley Hall School, Curtis School, Mirman School for Gifted Children, Skirball Cultural Center, Stephen Wise Temple Schools and Westland School. MECA consistently worked to build and sustain the collegial relations between the institutions located along the Mulholland Corridor to coordinate relationships with government entities and cooperate with local neighborhoods and the larger community for the betterment of all who dwell, attend school, worship and work along the Corridor.

Andrea’s undergraduate studies were at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in General Business, Psychology and Education. UNI is formerly known as Iowa State Teachers College, and the State of Iowa is among the top-ranked states in the country known for its quality education and high test scores. Her graduate education was at the admired Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California where she studied Human Development and Early Childhood Education. Pacific Oaks College is a private and nationally accredited institution highly regarded for their human development, education and psychology programs. Andrea’s graduate studies had a deep influence on her pedagogical and philosophical beginning. Andrea’s student teaching was a part of her graduate coursework. She taught two semesters of Child Development at UCLA.

Child Development and Parenting

Parenting is hard work. It is the most difficult yet the most rewarding job of our lifetimes. The reality is there is no such thing as an expert on parenting. Andrea believes she is her most vulnerable and in her most rare form when she is a mom, around her kids.  And it is in this spirit that she shares that parents can take the knowledge of our children and their stages of development and apply it to be truthful, intimate and authentic. To be honest with our real selves. It is only when we are open and aware of our truths that we can reveal ourselves to the opportunities for growth and change. It is only when we are open and aware of these truths that each of us as parents can see how we are each uniquely gifted to inspire and have a great impact on the formation of our children’s characters. Each parenting style is special. Each child is rare. Our journeys are exclusively ours. We will never reach the end of our parenting journey until we get there. So, we go together.

Admission Counseling

Andrea is a well-trained admission leader who has counseled, assisted, and guided hundreds of students/parents through the School Admissions process, whether seeking public, private or independent school.

Andrea’s admissions tenure began in Los Angeles in 2002, and with a strong background in child development, she has navigated the ropes of the school matriculation process and guided families with great success. Andrea supports a method that meets the needs of the whole child/student- developmentally, socially and academically as well as nurtures the overall family value system. Andrea has developed professional relationships with Admission Directors and Heads of School at most of Los Angeles and many of San Diego’s top college-preparatory programs. Andrea’s background and colleague relationships with Preschool Directors also guide her knowledge of early education programs. These associations coupled with Andrea’s regular visits to local school campuses, building strategic relationships support her growing knowledge of area education programs and help to inform and support an experience of each programs’ ethos first hand.

Andrea brings comprehensive background knowledge to 21st-century admission and enrollment management for both independent schools as well as families seeking independent education. She has formed relationships and supported hundreds of students in matriculating to elementary schools in over 35-area independent schools. Andrea brings awareness and experience in the areas of recruitment, marketing, retention and financial acumen. Andrea is well versed in enrollment best practice recommended by National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), attrition management, external economic conditions, financial competition, and opportunities/threats- all factors affecting enrollment management.

Andrea is distinctively conscious and has been deliberate through the years in examining why families select certain independent schools and why they don’t. She has come to understand details about top competitor schools and various yields schools are looking to meet in admission statistics. Her counsel to both schools and families will positively support both groups to find a match for the best and brightest so that students will excel in a top, high-quality programs that meet the needs of the whole child/student.

Andrea takes great pride in seeing former families whom she has advocated and supported serve as leaders (Trustees, PTO Presidents, Chairpersons) at top college-preparatory schools where their children attend(ed) over the past years. Andrea and her husband Jason personally know the navigation of Private School Admissions as they too applied to two Independent Schools and one Parochial School when their oldest son was Kindergarten-ready. They were accepted to three phenomenal schools, Laurence School (K-6), Campbell Hall Episcopal School (K-12) and St. Cyril of Jerusalem School (Pre-K-8).

When families are in need, Andrea will support them to bring a sense of purpose, plan, and perspective and through her knowledge, support a non-anxious presence to what can sometimes be a disorienting time for parents. Every student’s future educational environment deserves this consideration for his/her success.



Current Work

Andrea serves as a Preschool Director at Peñasquitos Christian Preschool  which is located inland North County San Diego. Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is an NAEYC, nationally accredited program serving approximately 180 students.

Through her work, Andrea provides guidance on a wide variety of early childhood and early-elementary topics to faculty and staff as well as families of young children. She is an engaging and informative speaker offering guidance to parents and organizations personally and group settings.

Andrea provides PARENTS with support finding an appropriate educational environment for their child. She consults families in the public, private/independent school search that will bring about the unique attributes in their child and will contribute to each students overall developmental, academic and social success.

For PARENTS Andrea provides a solid basis in child development so that they can fully understand, value and respond to their child’s ever changing and growing needs. She helps them recognize and adapt to the shifting dynamics of family life, school life and the crescendos of parenting relationships.

Andrea assists PROFESSIONALS and TEACHERS in education to create environments that are age-appropriate and that support positive behavior modification strategies and experiential learning; to build positive and productive teacher-child interactions that are rich with language and socially/sensory equipped.

Andrea works with PRESCHOOL/FAITH-BASED SCHOOLS and BOARDS to support or define mission,  values and goals. She provides coaching and mentoring to strengthen relationships with board, faculty and parents; she develops effective analysis and action plans for objectified and measurable program quality. Andrea is able to support governance in transition planning and provides support for early childhood leadership searches on behalf of key positions.

Working Together:

  1. Private Consultations for Preschool & Elementary School Placement or Guidance
  2. Comprehensive Management for Preschool & Elementary School Placement  (limited clients accepted)
  3. Private Consultations for Parenting & School Relationships
  4. Workshops & Training Sessions
  5. Organization and Project Consulting for Early-Childhood Education
  6. Speaking at faith-based organizations small or large groups, churches and schools