“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to
have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished by
how much he had learned in seven years.”

-Mark Twain

Empowering both Families & Educators

Reflecting on Mark Twain’s quote, Andrea has seen herself in that same position first as an adolescent and even at times as a parent, teacher, educator and leader.  At some point in each of our lives, all of us can likely relate to the power of those words.

Life Long Learning Matters 

Andrea offers tremendous value as a life-long learner and seasoned educator having filled the role as a School Head, Parent Advocate, Admission Counselor and she continues on the daily journey as a parent herself.

As a life-long learner,  Andrea is purposeful about serving both sides of the educational relationship; schools and families. Her focus and acumen of quality programs, relationships, leadership, vision, teaching and communities coupled with supporting a family from parenting to finding appropriate environments for children enables her to stay relevant by offering best-practices and and remaining connected to what binds families and programs together.

Every experience from Assistant Teacher, Executive Director to Education Consultant has prepared Andrea for the greatest role in life as wife and mommy. In all of these roles empowerment is integral to successful and effective growth.

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Empowerment Happens When
  • Families and Schools form Cohesive Partnerships
  • Students Excel in Appropriate Educational Environments
  • Environments Exist with Thriving Educational Relationships
  • Options are Created for Students to Connect and Find Support
  • Parents Work Together to Achieve Excellence from Schools
  • Leaders Establish Accountability
  • Communication and Trust are Priority
  • Schools Continually Call Themselves to the Higher Standard
  • Parents Access Tools as well as Share Knowledge, Power & Information


This is a place I hope to inspire, encourage, soothe anxieties, incite critical thinking, endeavor for honesty and sincerity, stretch imagination, promote collaboration, empower and honor the child-like faith and humility that I need in my life everyday.


I look forward to inspiring partnerships

 Very Truly,


Current Work

Andrea serves as a Preschool Director at Peñasquitos Christian Preschool  which is located inland North County San Diego. Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is an NAEYC, nationally accredited program serving approximately 180 students.

Through her work, Andrea provides guidance on a wide variety of early childhood and early-elementary topics to faculty and staff as well as families of young children. She is an engaging and informative speaker offering guidance to parents and organizations personally and group settings.

Andrea provides PARENTS with support finding an appropriate educational environment for their child. She consults families in the public, private/independent school search that will bring about the unique attributes in their child and will contribute to each students overall developmental, academic and social success.

For PARENTS Andrea provides a solid basis in child development so that they can fully understand, value and respond to their child’s ever changing and growing needs. She helps them recognize and adapt to the shifting dynamics of family life, school life and the crescendos of parenting relationships.

Andrea assists PROFESSIONALS and TEACHERS in education to create environments that are age-appropriate and that support positive behavior modification strategies and experiential learning; to build positive and productive teacher-child interactions that are rich with language and socially/sensory equipped.

Andrea works with PRESCHOOL/FAITH-BASED SCHOOLS and BOARDS to support or define mission,  values and goals. She provides coaching and mentoring to strengthen relationships with board, faculty and parents; she develops effective analysis and action plans for objectified and measurable program quality. Andrea is able to support governance in transition planning and provides support for early childhood leadership searches on behalf of key positions.

Working Together:

  1. Private Consultations for Preschool & Elementary School Placement or Guidance
  2. Comprehensive Management for Preschool & Elementary School Placement  (limited clients accepted)
  3. Private Consultations for Parenting & School Relationships
  4. Workshops & Training Sessions
  5. Organization and Project Consulting for Early-Childhood Education
  6. Speaking at faith-based organizations small or large groups, churches and schools