“Success can be the greatest impediment to future success. Success overshadows
failures and covers up blind-spots. Don’t trade your success for Learning”

- Scott Williams

Schedule of Services

Andrea Petsche works with Early Childhood Organizations and she specializes in Community-School, Faith-Based and PTO/PTA Boards by supporting their missions and goals; providing coaching and mentoring to strengthen relationships with board, faculty and parents.

She works as a Preschool Director in the local community and will only take on a project when she feels it is right for her personal and professional life. Andrea develops effective action plans for objectified and measurable program quality. Andrea is able to support governance in transition planning and she and her team provide support for leadership searches on behalf of key positions.

When Andrea works with Community-School, Faith-Based and PTO/PTA Boards that are in need of Early Childhood Consultation, she prioritizes her schedule based on her current case-load, time-of-year, timelines and deadlines when considering and accepting new work. Her considerations are based on the project itself and balancing her commitments to families and schools. Andrea works with all organizations of scope and size and builds an appropriate team according to each project.

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Relationship Building, Coaching and Mentoring

The Early Education community can be one of the most highly committed and connected communities for building life-long relationships, empowering future educational leaders and champions for students, families and schools. But when a crisis in the community is either perceived or real, parents can be particularly vulnerable because of the age, stage and needs of young children.

It is natural for parents to develop a degree of uncertainty and relationships can easily become fragmented unless activehealthysensitive communication and listening are given to validate parent concerns. Likewise it is natural for organizations to state their values unaware that their values are preferred and not actual. An actual value is measurable and evidenced.  Organizations that work to identify their actual from preferred values are better equipped to discern and respond with intentional initiatives to correct their course and/or reach their goals.

In either a one-time or on-going consulting environment and using early education best practices, Andrea Petsche supports relationships with board, faculty, parents and community. She is able to discuss unfamiliar areas, mitigate long-range planning objectives and manage several and often opposing desires. Andrea offers a different point-of-view from a veteran early educators perspective. Her leadership style brings an objective approach to encourage personal growth and professional advancement.

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Quality Audit for Programs

“In 1987 NAEYC adopted a position statement on quality, compensation and affordability in early childhood programs. This position statement emphasized that the provision of high-quality early childhood programs depends on three basic needs being met: high-quality programming for children, equitable compensation for staff and affordable services for families or other consumers.
NAEYC’s revised position statement reaffirms the importance of each of these three components- quality, compensation and affordability. Since the statements initial adoption in 1987, considerable literature has accumulated on the topic, but insufficient progress has been made in ensuring that all families with young children have access to high-quality programs with well-qualified, competent and equitably compensated staff at an affordable price.” NAEYC

There are all types of Early Education Programs. Some are non-profit, some are for-profit, others are faith-based/religious and some are community-based or government schools.

Every early education program utilizes different measurements and criteria to determine success. For example, faith-based programs may emphasize evangelical results and for-profit programs may focus their success on capital gain. Both of these examples have necessary standards for their program type. However, a high-quality programs will also equally and objectively measure relationships, curriculum, teaching, assessment, health, teachers, family relationships, community relationships, physical environment, leadership and management.

Andrea supports organizations that seek to make progress toward bridging the gap or making these advancements in quality.

As validation for research in quality programming Andrea uses evidence-based resources in Early Childhood such as; CLASS (Measuring Effective Teacher/Child Interactions), ECERS (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale) ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale, NAEYC Program Standards (which support areas to equally and objectively measure relationships, curriculum, teaching, assessment, health, teachers, family relationships, community relationships, physical environment, leadership and management), Surveys and Position Statements.  Andrea and her team (depending on project size) provide comprehensive analysis to assess the current condition and using gathered data, provide a multi-step plan for program-improvement with comprehensive consultation.

“Transformation happens when people own changes. Successful organizations create a culture of change because they realize that success tempts you to risk nothing until decline forces you to reexamine everything”

- Carey Nieuwhof

Leadership Searches

In both anticipated seasons of change as well as in abrupt crisis management with personnel there are many differences between the Early Childhood Community as compared to the Elementary environment or other organizational relationships. Change management in key leadership, administration and even in tenured-teaching positions can create anxiety and fragility in the parent and faculty community and for future attrition and admissions.

Stability, unity in strategic vision and goals, planning and communication are extremely important when working with young children and working with a parent community who relies greatly on consistency for their little ones.

Andrea offers guidance and support as a moderator for your search team to provide unity for your mission and job description so that candidacy can begin. Design can be related to any of the following; committee roles/task forces; focus group facilitation, identification of interim/permanent leader, conflict resolution, leadership transition planning; mentoring for directors and/or teachers.

“Leadership is always about Relationships” – Jim Collins

Workshops and Speaking

Andrea is a highly engaging speaker and speaks to colleagues, parents and early childhood professionals on a variety of different topics hosted by your organization. Below are some topics that can be arranged.

  • Readiness for the Independent School Application Process- an Early Educators Perspective
  • Fostering/Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children
  • Creating Developmentally Appropriate Classroom Experiences and Environments
  • Supporting the Emotional and Professional Growth of Parents and Educators
  • Child Nutrition, Safety and Health
  • Curriculum for the Young Child; Art, Language, Literature, Blocks, Sensory
  • Learning Through Play; Emergent Curriculum and Projects
  • Portfolios in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Behavioral Expectations Parent and Teacher Seminar
  • NAEYC Program Standards Seminar
  • Early Childhood Technology and Program Standards
  • Early Childhood School Fundraising
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum and Diversity Inclusion for ECE
  • Attachment Theory and Transitioning to Preschool

Convenient Payment Options

Multiple forms of payment can be arranged depending on individual services, project scope and timeline.  As a convenience for clients, online payments are accepted to our secure server via Pay Pal using the yellow button below. Thank You.