Calming, Reassuring Presence
“My family had the pleasure of getting to know Andrea over four years when our son was in Preschool and Andrea was Executive Director. She was amazing in every respect- loving, caring, supportive and extremely knowledgeable about all things related to Early Childhood Education. She was an instrumental part of our Kindergarten application process, helping us find the “right fit” for our son and providing invaluable guidance and insight for us as first time applicants. She was an advocate for our son and a calming reassuring presence to us throughout the process. Our son was admitted to every Independent School we applied to, thanks in large part to Andrea’s guidance and support. We could not have done it without her and highly recommend her to others!”
 Megan O. Mom of 2 boys
Campbell Hall Episcopal School, K-12
Forever Grateful
“When our son was in Preschool a few years ago, we had the great privilege of a close working relationship with the School’s Executive Director, Andrea Petsche. Those interactions changed our lives forever.  Our son is now a thriving 2nd grader at Viewpoint School in Calabasas. We are delighted with how well things have worked out for him—in no small part thanks to Andrea’s commitment and dedicated effort. 
Andrea brings a unique passion to what she does. She cares about the progress of every child as though they are all her very own. This is clearly more than just a job to her.  It is a passion to support children in having happy childhoods and to be fully prepared for the next step. Such professionalism is infectious and we saw Andrea’s fingerprints spread all over the school. No detail from decorations, to curriculum design, to hiring decisions, to event planning, to whether my son enjoyed his lunch was too small for Andrea’s attention or concern.
When it came time to move from Preschool and apply to Independent School for Kindergarten (and beyond) Andrea’s assistance was of particular importance.  She guided us on all aspects of where to apply, how to approach the applications and interviews, how to follow-up in the months that followed, and even how to pick from the many schools that had accepted our son.  In every school interview, Andrea’s name was recognized and the admissions personnel had nothing but warmth and respect for her in those discussions.  It was very clear that we had someone supportive in our corner.
At the end of the process, we had multiple offers and had the honor of choosing which school we thought would best fit our family.  If not for Andrea’s guidance and support, I cannot even be certain how the process would have gone.  All these years later, Andrea Petsche remains a friend and mentor as we wind our way through our children’s Independent School experience.  We are forever grateful” 
 Steven & Nancy A. Parents of 2 boys
Viewpoint School, K-12
A True Blessing to our Family 
“Working with Andrea Petsche has been a true blessing to our family.  Her thorough knowledge of child development, passion for Early Childhood Education, and her heart for families made our preschool experience for our two daughters absolutely incredible.  Her educational instincts and insights into our children were truly remarkable and we are so grateful to have had her expertise in those formative years.  Later, when we were applying to private elementary schools, she guided us through every step of the process with individual attention and care. She works tirelessly to build honest and lasting relationships with parents and educational leaders alike and I know that under her guidance, families will feel confident and secure in the educational path they choose for their children.”
Kelly B. Parent of 2 girls
Laurence School K-6
Provided Amazing Insight
“I worked with Andrea when we were applying for Kindergartens for our oldest son.  Since we were new to the application process we were unfamiliar with so many aspects, including the schools’ preferences, cultures, teaching styles, etc. Andrea helped us navigate not only the application process but also supported us in finding our way to the best school for our family. The entire process was stressful and daunting and we needed a digestible strategy to follow, which Andrea provided.  Andrea was always understanding, available and provided amazing insight. Her assistance was invaluable.”
Jeannine K.
Mom of 1 boy and 1 girl
Campbell Hall Episcopal School, K-12